Title: Search on Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Web (Mendeley Minute)
Url: https://youtu.be/XKAcQTea7E8
Description: A quick 3.23 minute video tutorial on how to search your Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Web applications
Classification: Managing Information / Research -- Mendeley (LCSH)
Date Issued: 2011
Resource Type: Sound (DCMI Type Vocabulary)
Interactive Resource (DCMI Type Vocabulary)
Format: quicktime
Audience: Undergraduate students
Graduate students
Language: English
Date Of Record Creation: 2015-09-30 19:03:54 (W3C-DTF)
Date Of Record Release: 2015-09-30 19:03:54 (W3C-DTF)
Date Record Checked: 2015-09-30 19:03:54 (W3C-DTF)
Date Last Modified: 2015-09-30 19:03:54 (W3C-DTF)

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